Klima-Gro Assembly Instructions

Main Diagram
CAUTION! Do not connect your Klima-Gro to a power source until: (1) the heat grid is in proper position, (2) the soil bed is completed and planted (see Figure C), and, (3) the Klima-Gro is properly grounded (see Figure D). Disconnect the unit from the power source prior to removing the plants and the soil. Always avoid direct contact with the heat grid wiring.
A. Remove contents from box and identify all parts using the "exploded" drawing.

B. Locate end panels (1). Locate upper strut (3). Stand end panels upright, and with long leg of upper strut pointing down (see Figure A), screw through holes in end panel into C-shaped channels of upper strut using two screws (supplied) at each end. Repeat procedure on opposite side of structure. Refer to drawing as required.

C. Find lower strut (4) and repeat same operations as in step B. Note the lower strut can be rotated and may be installed improperly. Refer to Figure A which shows proper position of lower strut.

D. Find center strut assembly (2) and screw through end panel into C-shaped channels of the center strut. Note: At end of center strut from which wire extends, first feed wire into center channel under plastic accent strip, of end panel (10) as shown in exploded diagram.

E. Locate fluorescent tubes and install into the receptacles located on bottom side of center strut (2), then twist and they will lock into place (the same way you would install a tube in your kitchen or bathroom.)

F. Locate the four largest rectangular pieces of glass. These will form the sides of the Klima-Gro. Set the top edge of one piece of glass in the inside track of the upper strut (3) and lift the glass panel. When the glass is raised as far as it will go, it will provide space to place the bottom of the glass on the inside track of the lower strut (4). Refer to Figure A for illustration. Repeat this procedure using the outside tracks of upper and lower struts (3) and (4). (see Figure A). Using the two remaining pieces of this size glass, repeat this operation on the opposite side. The side glass assembly is now complete.

G. Assemble the upper glass using the four smaller pieces of glass. Repeat step F using center strut (2) and upper strut (3). Refer to Figure A as required.

H. Locate two end caps (6) and push bottom thin lip of cap under accent strip in center strut and push up against accent strip in end panel. (see Figure E).

I. Attach glass panel slide handles (11), referring to Figure B. There are eight handles, one for each side sliding panel (four) and one for each top sliding panel (four). Handles should be vertical, and centered vertically between top and bottom of glass, 1" from edge of glass when properly installed (see Figure B). After you have determined proper placement, clean glass surface with Windex, Sparkle or similar glass cleaner to assure a clean surface, free from grease and dirt. Remove tape backing from rear of handle, exposing pressure-sensitive adhesive surface. Press handle firmly into position on glass. Your Klima-Gro roof assembly is now complete. Do not place roof on base at this point but prepare the soil bed for planting, referring to the Owner's Manual, "Preparing the soil for planting."

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you will refer to the Owner's Manual, you will see that it is necessary to roll back the heat shield and attached heating wires, to fill the unit base with soil mixture prior to planting. There is sufficient "slack" in the wire to permit this without having to remove any plugs. Once the soil bed is prepared (see Figure C) you can plant the bed prior to installing the roof assembly and completing the Klima-Gro structure. However, there is sufficient access to plant the soil bed after the assembly is complete.

To install the roof assembly, it is necessary to connect the lighting unit to the control panel. To do this, set the completed roof on the base, in the grooves provided in the top of the base. Make sure roof is seated firmly in the grooves. The end panel with the wire coming from the lighting unit (step D) should be on your left as you face the unit, with the control panel also facing you on your left. Remove end cap (6) and slide up the end accent strip (5) to expose wire. Thread wire coming from control panel in base of unit up through center channel of end panel and plug into receptacle coming down from the top of center strut (refer to exploded drawing if necessary). When connection is completed, slide end accent strip back down into proper position and replace end cap as explained in step H.

Your Klima-Gro assembly is now complete. Refer to Figure D for proper grounding instructions prior to plugging the unit into a power source.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E

Parts List

Parts List

PartsParts No.
1. End panel assembly (Includes glass)15-0010-0011
2. Center strut15-0000-1000
3. Upper strut15-0000-1001
4. Lower strut15-0000-1002
5. End panel accent strip15-0011-2002
6. End cap15-0011-2003
7. Assembly screws (all models, #8 x 11/2")15-0009-9000
9. Seedling bracket15-0012-8000
11. Slider handle15-0011-0008
12. End panel glass15-0010-3000
13. Upper glass15-0010-3001
14. Lower glass15-0010-3002
15. Extension wire (Control to light)15-0010-0005
16. Moisture sensor assembly15-0010-0006
17. Heat sensor assembly15-0010-0007
18. Heatwire & protector sheet assembly15-0010-0010
19. Unit base15-0011-2000
20. Center strut accent strip15-0011-2001
21. Control panel15-0010-0001
22. Ballast mounting plate (Contains wiring & ballast)15-0010-0004

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