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In addition to having access to an on-line manual and assembly instructions, we will continue to add useful information and resources for the Klima-Gro family. Future additions may include a newsletter and a forum where you will be able to exchange ideas and answers with the Klima-Gro community. Let us know what you think. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated, send e-mail to: support@klimagro.com.

Butterfly Klima-Gro Manual
Still thinking about joining the Klima-Gro family? Looking through our informative manual will show you how easy it is to enjoy your own private flower, vegetable or butterfly garden using Klima-Gro. Present owners have the benefit and convenience of an updated, on-line manual. Browse at your computer, or print out a copy to keep on hand. Topics include: mixing plants and flowers, soil recommendations, watering, flowering and foliage plant charts, recommended reading ... and much more!
Butterfly Assembly Instructions
With our easy to follow assembly instructions, your Klima-Gro will soon be ready to use.
Butterfly Interesting Links
We hope our web site will grow to be a great resource for the Klima-Gro family. If you have a suggestion of a site that may be of interest to other Klima-Gro users, please tell us. For now, here are some related sites:

National Gardening AssociationAmerican Orchid Society

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