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Klima-Gro is a precision engineered, 100% solid state, climate controlled, indoor electronic greenhouse providing optimum growing conditions for most plants, flowers and vegetables. Klima-Gro is also a beautiful piece of furniture which complements the decor of residential homes and apartments, commercial offices, lobbies, reception areas and school classrooms.

Klima-Gro...the intelligent greenhouse.

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FlowerBuilt-in high output fluorescent lighting provides proper light intensity and spectrum for maximum plant growth ... total light control ... no natural light needed.
FlowerWill grow green plants, flowering and exotic plants and/or vegetables, herbs and spices 12 months a year.
FlowerBuilt-in reservoirs provide storage of water for up to a month and allows drainage from root beds in the event of overwatering.
FlowerSliding panels of distortion-free, tempered safety glass on both sides and top provide easy access, ventilation and humidity control.
FlowerAutomatic 24-hour light control, with manual over-ride switch, makes an ideal "plant sitter" for weekends and vacations and provides additional safety and security of an automatic night light.
FlowerLimited factory warranty protects you from defects in manufacturer (parts and labor) for a full year.
FlowerAutomatic heat control keeps the soil bed temperature ideal for plant growth, spreads warmth evenly preventing "hot spots" and allows you to turn down room thermostats without endangering plants.
FlowerGrowing base of sturdy, seamless ABS plastic will not leak or corrode ever!
FlowerTotally grounded for safety.
FlowerMoisture sensor with direct reading meter indicating when to add and when to stop adding water.
FlowerDark bronze-finish frame of aluminum alloy for many years of maintenance free enjoyment.
FlowerDetailed owners' instruction manual provides information and answers to your gardening questions.
FlowerExclusive feature of KG-3000 and KG-5000. Biax bulbs with 11400 and 12600 lumens respectively and 94% color rendering index provides the additional light intensity needed for a greater variety of taller maturing plants. (ex: tomato plants, vining orchids, diffenbachia, ficus trees and amaryllis).


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