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Before making an informed purchase decision, one naturally has questions about the product. We have put together a list of frequently voiced concerns, questions and their answers. You should find a response to your inquiry here. If not, we welcome your questions and comments at info@klimagro.com.
Veggie Is Klima-Gro easy to work on?
Klima-Gro has eight sliding glass panels to allow very easy access. These panels also remove instantly for cleaning, and the entire greenhouse enclosure can be lifted off the growing tub if necessary. When on the custom base cabinet or on a coffee table, the greenhouse is at an excellent height for gardening without kneeling.
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VeggieWhere would you put Klima-Gro?
Depending on the size, Klima-Gro could be placed on a kitchen countertop or in a window for raising vegetables, herbs and spices and in a child's bedroom on a student desk or nightstand to do butterfly gardening. Each model is finished all the way around so it makes a beautiful room divider in a greatroom, entry foyer, or office reception area. It could be placed in an interior wall to be used as a "see-through greenhouse". In addition to these numerous options, Klima-Gro can also be put on a lab table for science classrooms, in activity areas for horticultural therapy for nursing homes, and zoo or museum exhibition halls for display of habitat. The choices are endless.
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Veggie What cabinet styles are available?
The majority of people appreciate the scuff-resistant properties and the cost savings the laminate cabinet offers. However, you also have the option of purchasing the all-wood cabinet for a more decorative effect.

The style has been developed in conjunction with interior designers and is geared toward the tastes of the majority of consumers. It is neutral in styling, and will mix well with almost all types of furniture. Klima-Gro can also be placed on furniture you may already have.

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VeggieCan you mix plants and flowers?
There is no reason why you can't mix a variety of foliage, plants and flowering plants to fashion a stunning floral display. There is only one requirement, all plants sharing the same Klima-Gro unit must be compatible as to temperature, moisture and light requirements. You couldn't, for example, raise ferns and cacti in the same bed.
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Veggie It's too small for all my plants.
The greenhouse is not intended for all of your plants, but it can be a display case for your prettiest ones, a 'hospital' for your sick plants, or a controlled environment for difficult to grow plants, such as orchids.
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VeggieHow often do you replace the soil?
The soil will eventually wear out because of soil breakdown, leaching, etc. Accordingly, the soil should be changed in its entirety every 2-3 years.
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Veggie Where are the drainage holes?
The base is molded in one piece so there are no seams for potential leakage. There is no need for drainage because of the large growing bed and the water reservoirs. The only reason for drainage holes in small flower pots is so that plant roots are not left sitting in water, which is accomplished by our water runoff system. The reservoirs are not just water holding tanks. They are filled with soil as well and do not need to be drained. Any excess will slowly feed the roots through capillary action, which makes Klima-Gro an excellent 'plant sitter' during extended absences.
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Veggie How much energy does Klima-Gro use?
Klima-Gro is plugged into any standard wall outlet, and will consume no more energy than a 100 watt light bulb when all components are operating. If the heater is not heating because of a similar room temperature, the power consumption would be 80 watts when the lights are on. If the lights are off and soil bed heater has reached its desired temperature, no current will be used at all. It actually takes far less energy to heat the greenhouse than it would to leave the home or building temperature up a few extra degrees. Klima-Gro is actually energy saving, since it can maintain an ideal temperature for fuel conservation. Costs to operate Klima-Gro range from approximately 2.7 cents a day for smallest model (KG-1000 "The Discovery") to 3.4 cents a day for largest model (KG-5000 "The Majestic").
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Veggie Why aren't grow lights used?
Research at Cornell and other universities has proven that most special "grow lights" do not affect plant growth appreciably. This type of lamp usually costs two or three times more, yet lasts about half as long, making them considerably more expensive. Each Klima-Gro is equipped with GE's most advanced lighting technology. SP30 fluorescent lamps produce excellent color, outstanding lumen maintenance, unsurpassed light output and GE's longest lamp life.
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VeggieWhat if the electronics malfunction?
The electronics are 100% solid state and will give years of trouble-free service. Klima-Gro carries a full one year parts and labor guarantee against defects in manufacture, and should anything ever malfunction, the control panel is modular, removable by four screws, so there is no need to send in the entire greenhouse. Just remove these screws, unplug the component connections, send to manufacturer and it should be back within one week. Loaner control panels are also available from the factory for emergency use. So your Klima-Gro is never without a control panel.
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Veggie Can I accidentally sever an electrical wire?
There is an aluminum heat grid covering the wires which disperses heat from the heating element wires, eliminating hot spots and preventing plant roots from becoming entangled in them. It also serves to protect the wires from being severed by garden tools while working in the soil.
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Veggie Can the glass break or scratch easily?
The glass is automotive-type, tempered safety glass. It does not have the scratching problem that plexiglas has, nor the distortion, because it is 'float' glass, produced in a special way on molten tin so that there is no distortion. There is no finer glass available!
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VeggieIs a humidistat or fan necessary?
Since humidity is generally not as critical a growth factor as light or heat, it is not measured directly, but it can be regulated by the aperature(s) left in the glass. For those who wish, a humidistat can be added. We suggest the use of a small auxiliary bladed fan ( KG-Fan) to enhance the propogation of blooming plants and provide sufficient ventilation. You won't need a high-volume fan, just enough to keep the air moving.
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